Elizabeth is available for presentations on women's leadership topics.
Here's a sample of her most popular talks:
  • How To Get Invited Into the Boy's Club (and why that matters)
  • How to build influential Power At Work.
  • Damaging Phrases Women Use At Work That Diminish Their Credibility 
  • Mean Girls At Work - How to Work With A Women You Don't Like
  • How To Survive A Merger and Acquisition Without Going Crazy
  • Networking In a Virtual World
  • Mindfulness For the Busy Executive
  • Making Friends With The Mind Over Work Matters
  • Moving From Individual Contributor To Leader
  • Side Hustle - The Gig Economy 
Disclaimer - All Elizabeth's talks are for a universal audience and are inclusive.                                                                     Men are welcomed to attend any talk and  join us - any time.