Elizabeth is available for presentations on women's leadership topics.
Here's a sample of her most popular talks:
How To Get Invited Into The Boy's Club (and why that's important) 
Every woman in a male dominated field often feels alienated according to studies. You'll find these women in engineering, high tech, banking and financial, accounting and construction - all surrounded by men, trying to find their voice in the office. 
It's discouraging - until now.
Elizabeth Lions has gotten invited into the boy's club and earned her way into working with some of the most prestigious executives on the planet. 
Join us for this real talk on working with men, the pitfalls and the avalanche of success that is possible
What you'll learn:
Why getting into the boy's club is critical to your sucess
Why women don't have a voice in corporate America - and how to change that
Damaging phrases you say that diminish your credibility
How to see it all differently
Good Girls Ask!  Negotiations for Women
This talk shows women how to negotiate without having their stomach in knots. Never again will you get butterflies or lock up when asked directly what you make or what you’d like to make. Unlike other presentations around this topic, this talk examines why women ask for less or fear the negotiation conversation altogether.
What you will learn:
Why women ask for less
How negotiating with a man is different than a negotiation with a woman
How to eliminate phrases that will backfire in your negotiation
Negotiate a raise, performance review or even a new salary for a new job
Damaging Phrases Women Use In The Office That Diminish Them
Perceptions stick unlike truth. Perceptions left behind for a women can cost her the promotion or even the opportunity to be recognized. What a woman says or doesn’t say will color her perception. Awareness is the key.
Elizabeth has successfully coached women that didn’t get along with their female bosses or lost credibility through the small things they said or did, without knowing. Each of these clients regained confidence and were able to rebuild office relationships and trust – quickly. Some clients actually turned around performance and got negative performance reviews eliminated in a matter of a few months after sessions with Elizabeth If you are in a tough spot at work politically, you’ll want to join us for this event.
If you join us for this spicy event, you’ll receive:
Knowledge on the five things a woman should never say in the office
Tips on how to get invited into the boy’s club
Confidence in knowing how to work with men in the office
How to better communicate at work, without sacrificing yourself as a woman
How To Support Another Women At Work
Based on Elizabeth's article, this presentation illuminates why women don't promote other women and how to overcome jealousy in the office. Without proper support at work, women will never promote or succeed. Statistics state that few women are often bottle necked at the manager level position, which is why we see so few in high leadership positions. No one leaves the room the same after this discussion with Elizabeth.
What you’ll learn:
What mean girls are and how to avoid being one
How to identify top producing women in the office and help promote them
How the subtle things you say in a meetings impact other women – and your own perception
How to work with another woman that you flat out dislike
How to work with a difficult female boss or direct report
  • Disclaimer - All Elizabeth's talks are for a universal audience and are inclusive.                                                                     Men are welcomed to attend any talk and  join us - any time.