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Why Hire A Coach For Leadership


Coaches enable their clients to be proactive in their leadership initiatives so that they are more prepared to face challenges rather than scrambling to address situations when they arise. Coaches optimize the performance of leaders by creating focus and ongoing momentum to help them reach their full potential.


You’d be amazed and surprised how many executives have had leadership development coaches that help them get to the next level. It’s like an unsaid secret that is highly common.


They call me because:

They are tired of running from emergency to emergency without getting things done

They are overwhelmed by the demands of leadership and the hours they are putting in

They were promoted and want to hit the ground running

They suffer from imposture syndrome

They were passed over for the promotion to Manager, Director or Vice President – and don’t understand why

They want to increase their probability of a promotion

They experience burnout and want to transition

They are interested in self growth and self improvement around leadership

They want to stop riding the emotional ups and downs of work

They want to increase their ability to affectively communication and/or influence

They got hard feedback that they are difficult to work with

They have a lot of turnover- and it is now reflecting on their performance

They are tasked with building a new team or culture and unsure how to do that

They want self-mastery – over their emotions and have more strategic thinking


If any of the above sounds like your situation, call Elizabeth to see if her leadership program is right for you at this stage in your career.

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