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I'm really glad you found me. 


I think I know why you are here, but somehow it always amazes me how people find me.


You are: 

  • Unemployed

  • Totally Disillusioned and unsatisfied  by work

  • Employed and looking for a better company culture

  • Passed for the promotion

  • Underpaid and overworked

  • Uncertain - The company did layoffs - and you don't want to be next

  • Unfulfilled - Work is no longer your 'happy place'

  • Confused - You're concerned about your perception at work

  • Stuck applying to jobs with no one answering

  • Worried about your age and future employment opportunities

  • Struggling with the concept of networking

  • Fearful that you have fewer valuable contacts than other people

  • Turned down for job offers at the final stage 

  • Concerned because  you been out of work longer than you ever expected 

  • Watching your company go through an acquisition - and wonder if you'll get laid off

  • Uncomfortable in interviews because it feels like bragging 

  • Over 40 or 50 and worried you lost your edge

  • Are a woman who has confidence issues around work

  • New to leadership and way over your head

  • An employee who got a bad review - and needs to turn things around - quickly! 

Elizabeth offers a program that will help you find the right job. Most clients end up with an increase in pay after working with Elizabeth. To find out if her programs are right for you, please email her directly for details and pricing. 

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