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This book was written during the Great Recession of 2008-2009 for those that lost their jobs. Elizabeth's wise advice helps any struggling job seeker with resume writing, interviewing, managing references and asking for the job, as well as explains the employment market. Finding a job if you are unemployed will not longer be confusing once you pick up this quick read. 


If you are employed, unhappy and looking for something better, this little book of knowledge will help provide clarity. Elizabeth takes you through the steps of auditing your career, asking yourself why you want to leave your employer while giving you the courage to leave your job. This book deeply examines three perspectives when job hunting - your perspective, the employer's perspective and a headhunter's perspective. All motives are revealed, and Elizabeth shows the reader what an employer is really looking for in their next hire. Book includes interview questions you should ask a perspective employer, along with unique interview strategies. 

Recession Proof Yourself

I Quit!

Working For You Isn't Working For Me

Hear Us Roar

Unapologetic Women Leading In Corporate America

Warning - this book isn't MeToo, nor does it adopt those ideas.

Instead, Elizabeth clearly outlines  - in a shocking data driven manner - why women aren't promoted into leadership roles and what they can do about it. She talks about how to get invited into the boy's club in male dominated industries and why that is important to your career. Furthermore, she is brutally honest about how to work with another woman you don't like and how to avoid career blunders. Managing perceptions is the key and Elizabeth gives tips that work. If you are tired of being passed over for promotions, Elizabeth's book can help. 

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